Thursday, June 26, 2008

Workin' on workin' at it

I am at the edges (or the final mile) of what feels like the 18 month marathon. 2 more days of VBS (still going well, thanks be to God) and the last of three weddings is this weekend. I went to the Chateau (yes, literally) where the wedding will be. I agreed to marry them here solely because it was the only 'neutral' ground for both families. I had the bride as a student in Jr. high youth group 100 years ago so although weddings are challenging and painful for me, it'll be a treat to marry her.

The chateau is the one of the swankiest properties I have ever seen. The pool room is literally the pool room used for the scenes in the movie "Cocoon", which is frankly where I'd rather be, than putting out more energy to the world from a fuel tank on fumes.

The last of my energy will be used to manage this stuff, along with more church crazy demands and of course preaching the near sacrfice of you-know-who. This along with eating right and exercising so that I am in shape for surf camp AND attempting to look my best when I meet up with an old 'friend' for lunch in 3 weeks.

Lord have it all. None of it's terribly important in the big scheme-just sayin', dieting and exercising at least for me, is a full time job all by itself.


Songbird said...

I'm sorry, did you say THREE weddings this weekend?
I have to lie down now.
Please take care of yourself!

Gracebythesea said...

Leave it to Songbird to make me laugh out loud by myself!!! No my friend, the 3rd of 3 weddings (this month) is this weekend! SOrry-I don't even Jesus would have agreed to 3 in one weekend-imagine how much water he'd need to make wine!

cheesehead said...

Work it, girl.

I hope that friend is worth it.

Anonymous said...

oh my - three weddings in month is enough - cannot imagine three in a weekend... hope you're finding some peace nad quiet at the chateau

RevHRod said...

I want to be your plus one the next time you get to go to one of these swanky weddings!

Anonymous said...