Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Groggy but Grateful

Back from lala land, well not really. The prescribed vicadin was muy effective at battling the pain but has left my brain muy foggy. Not helpful in trying to moderate a session meeting, exegete next week's passage or figure bills.

However, that will eventually fade and my joint (my knee that is) holds great promise for a recovery and hopefully surfing next Summer.

Now only to fit back in to my bikini. LOL!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Got the call Thursday morning that next Wednesday is me' surgery.

Yikes because I'm scrambling to get coverage and cancel/ reschedule all sorts of stuff and yipeee that on the other side, I might actually be able to walk and play, pain free.

That'll also mean I'll most definitely book a tee time for sometime during the BE 2.0 in Scottsdale. Or as Songbird might say... Yip-tastic!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surfing out, Surgery In

Yep that's right. All my dreams and hopes of becoming a Wahini(Hawaiian for surfer girl) this Summer were dashed when I hurt my knee from too much golf, and beach walking. Such extreme sporting!!!...not)

Have been meeting w/ 2 surgeons for three months and the results are in. I need a knee replacement, but I'm too young. Waaay to young.

So as of yesterday expert-surgeon-in-world-famous-orthopedic-hospital has devised a short term solution to get me pain free and active again. Arthroscopic surgery to clean up jagged edges, floating fragments and floating knee cap. It should give me another 2 years of hopefully pain-free activity.I'm excited.

What then will be my excuse for not losing weight?

Happy and relieved...