Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surfing out, Surgery In

Yep that's right. All my dreams and hopes of becoming a Wahini(Hawaiian for surfer girl) this Summer were dashed when I hurt my knee from too much golf, and beach walking. Such extreme sporting!!!...not)

Have been meeting w/ 2 surgeons for three months and the results are in. I need a knee replacement, but I'm too young. Waaay to young.

So as of yesterday expert-surgeon-in-world-famous-orthopedic-hospital has devised a short term solution to get me pain free and active again. Arthroscopic surgery to clean up jagged edges, floating fragments and floating knee cap. It should give me another 2 years of hopefully pain-free activity.I'm excited.

What then will be my excuse for not losing weight?

Happy and relieved...


cheesehead said...

Oy. There but for the grace of God. But I'm sure I'm right behind you, sister.

Songbird said...

Glad for you, but ouch!