Friday, November 7, 2008

Dog Blogger reminded me of listing random things about one's self.

Here's mine: Totally unremarkable.

1. I'm still wearing my PJ's and it's 1PM on east coast.

2. I really want a dog but still afraid i don't have enough time or money.

3. I laugh at loud at Family Guy even though i know i shouldn't.

4. I haven't changed the oil in my car in 8,000 miles-for the life of the car. (Dumb)

5. I'm having a friend for dinner and have yet to shop or clean the house. Now it's 1:10.

6. I'm counting the days until 12/21 when it starts to get light again.

7. I'm still keeping my football jersey from college with the ridiculous hopes that someday I'll fit into again. (graduated in the mid 80's).

Tag you're it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I wish...

I Wish...

...I had a camera to take and post photos of the bookmark/bracelets that Inner Dorothy sent me (thanks- they're lovely!)

...I had dealt better with not having a computer for the last 2 weeks. I have become so dependant. Yikes!

...I could exercise more than i can-still recovering from knee surgery.

...I could crank out a winning sermon every week (yeah, i know dream on)

...We could be on the aft deck drinking cool bevs in the hot sun and warm breezes.

...I wish I could have been in Chicago last night.

...I wish you are having better weeks this week than many of you have had in recent ones.

...I wish we were going to Scottsdale next week.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Groggy but Grateful

Back from lala land, well not really. The prescribed vicadin was muy effective at battling the pain but has left my brain muy foggy. Not helpful in trying to moderate a session meeting, exegete next week's passage or figure bills.

However, that will eventually fade and my joint (my knee that is) holds great promise for a recovery and hopefully surfing next Summer.

Now only to fit back in to my bikini. LOL!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Got the call Thursday morning that next Wednesday is me' surgery.

Yikes because I'm scrambling to get coverage and cancel/ reschedule all sorts of stuff and yipeee that on the other side, I might actually be able to walk and play, pain free.

That'll also mean I'll most definitely book a tee time for sometime during the BE 2.0 in Scottsdale. Or as Songbird might say... Yip-tastic!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surfing out, Surgery In

Yep that's right. All my dreams and hopes of becoming a Wahini(Hawaiian for surfer girl) this Summer were dashed when I hurt my knee from too much golf, and beach walking. Such extreme sporting!!!...not)

Have been meeting w/ 2 surgeons for three months and the results are in. I need a knee replacement, but I'm too young. Waaay to young.

So as of yesterday expert-surgeon-in-world-famous-orthopedic-hospital has devised a short term solution to get me pain free and active again. Arthroscopic surgery to clean up jagged edges, floating fragments and floating knee cap. It should give me another 2 years of hopefully pain-free activity.I'm excited.

What then will be my excuse for not losing weight?

Happy and relieved...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Grace Abounds...

So after being mortified and as apologetic as i could (see story in last post) her pew buddies said " you couldn't know-it's not your fault-she was just embarrassed that she didn't have her phone on vibrate." Gracious, loving parishioners...

In my pastoral prayer that day I literally asked God's forgiveness for 'smart alec comments' and thanked God for protection, or something like that. The best news is that it was a small kitchen fire and there was no damage to the structure. This should be a good reminder for all of us NOT to be a smart alec and not to use our ovens for storage (especially of new pans wrapped in plastic...)

P.P.S. I called the family immediately after church to ask to come to their hotel and meet with them and pray with them. They said they'd be glad to see me and they'd call back.

P.P.P.S This couple is so classy they decided it was an opportunity to take ME out to dinner, wine and all.

P.P.P.P.S When I apologized emphatically again she said " That's hilarious! I didn't even hear you, but if I had I would have laughed. More wine?"


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you top this?

I hate to play the "can you top this?" game since I love you all and it's not really my style...but if you read Will Smamma's recent post about her episode at Wendy''ll love this.

Last Sunday, while i was preaching on Exodus (stressful enough for me), a parishioner's phone started ringing...loudly

I love this parishioner. She's a fairly new member with a great sense of humor and she doesn't take much seriously. She also LOVES to kid around. So I stopped in the middle of manna (while she was scrambling to find her phone in her enormous handbag) and said in a school marm voice "Oh [parishioner]... I think we'll have to fine you... Let's make {parishioner] put an extra five dollars in the plate." To which she sheepishly replied "Sorry" and left the sanctuary.

She returned 3 minutes later, grabbed her handbag and left.

Yes, I began to break out in a sweat, remembering she has an elderly mother.

After the sermon, during the deacon's reading of 'joys of and concerns' that I clumsily fold into the pastoral prayer, the deacon announces "Let's also pray for [parishoner and family] she had to leave to meet a town official at her home, because yesterday, she had had a house fire."

Hi, my name is dumb ass, have we met?