Monday, April 7, 2008

Sowing the Seeds of Love...

"High time we made a stand and shook up the views of the common man..."

These are the opening lyrics of the song by 80's band Tears for Fears. Ok I know that pinpoints my age and (yes I was probably drinking Stroh's from of a beer ball in college)...but that's another story.

As I hold and shake Quotidian's Blue Bonnet seeds(her swaggage),wanting to sow them immediately, I know it's not yet warm enough or sunny enough to give them a hopeful long lasting bloom when I transplant them to a sunny spot in my garden in 6 weeks time.

Sunny spots are less abundant than the 80% shade that comes with my manse.

Still I am prepping, to be ready, to start getting ready to sow these seeds of love.

Come to think of it, they were already sown in Caribbean waters some 10 days ago, but the anticipation of sowing new seeds, in new gardens, so that more seeds of love can be made, eases my now tension headache, my worries about strained relationships in my church and tears OF Fears of how we're going to pull off all we've got slated in the next 2 months.

Trusting that Grace will continue to abound...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One week ago today...

...I was meeting all you lovlies for the first time, trying desperately to learn your names, remember where you hail from, connect your names with your blogs and your 'swaggage' (nicknamed by Cheese) and choose the least of the wrinkled outfits for an 8:00 Seating.

Now i sit here procrastinating on finishing a retreat plan, editing the bulletin, prepping for my 7:30 pre-wedding counseling and wondering if it was all just a dream.

But NO it wasn't. Here's why.

We have been emailing each other with concerns and loving prayers and shout-outs since we got back.

My swaggage is spread among my dresser, my study, my office.

Quotidian's photo of the 'Lectric stumble' is now my screen saver.

And I just refuse to finish unpacking my suitcase just yet, in case you call and say, "Meet me at the port and we'll do it all over again..."

Missing you ...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grace AT Sea

Ok I admit it. the ONLY reason I set up this blog was to be eligible to go on the BE with you'all. Well not really. I was just 'a-scared' to write and be read.

After hangin with you revgals-now pals, I realize what a sacred space I've been invited into. Sacred and HILL-larious!

Here's what I know now, that I didn't before the BE.

1. When grace is offered through 2 perfect and lovely strangers, you will end up being one of their cousins' baby sitters.

2. Some of you actually snore more than me

3. Mid Westeners CAN learn to love oysters. H Rod is considering a part time job as a Mother shucker...

4. When the food is less than perfect, it matters not because good company trumps gourmet food, any day.

5. St Casserole's Birthday is really in May. Please send cat-themed cards or gift certs for Cats-R-Us.

6. I need new shoes. (Cheese-thanks for being so discreet )

7. Anything discussed under sail was lovingly, intently heard by all and surely with joy, by God

8. Your willingness to share and be open gave me more courage to do the same.

9. The stories of your lives and your struggles inspire to me live beyond "SERVE" ing the church

10. You are the wind beneath my wings...I'll tumble for you