Monday, June 16, 2008

Sloth, and not by the Sea...

...but I WAS there last Thursday into Friday. So NO complaints. Well sorta...
I am enormously grateful that a lovely-beloved "I-wanted-to-be-like-them" family from my church has shown where the hidden keys are to their beach house which sits on the bay. That is the glorious news.

The reason why I have been avoiding it (besides an impossible pastor's schedule)? The house is 5 blocks from where i spent vacations with my family as a child. This is particularly timely as i unearth the worst of my family-of-origin S**t!

On a lighter note, the first of the three weddings I have in June is over and Confirmation Sunday was 'Successful". This seems like an odd word to use, maybe...but I do come from 20 years in the asphalt jungle... But successful is exactly what I mean after 9 months of parents, mentors and the confirmands themselves, pushing back, complaining and wanting it their way. I stood my ground and popped anti-acids like tic tacs all year. It seems that experience and God's grace prevailed and all are now happy and grateful.

So why am I sitting in my manse staring out the window 'bored' and lifeless?

Probably because the exhaustion is kicking in, I haven't exercised seriously since dancing on the Lido deck for three minutes with Zorra, St Cass and Katherine,(while Cheese rolled her eyes), I've been eating like a sumo wrestler and am dreading 2 more meetings this evening.

C'mon July.

No meetings, light-hearted sermons and hopefully I'll get my sumo body to the gym before I make an ass out of myself at surfing camp in August.

Wahini baby,


St. Casserole said...

You are just tired, girlie.
This hot weather saps the best of us and you've been doing lots and lots of werk. That's "werk" with an intentional "e".

Go to da beach house. Maybe you can see that house from your childhood in a different way this year.

rest rest rest

cheesehead said...

Hm... I remember being out there dancing, too.

Eye-rolling. Don't remember that part.

DogBlogger said...

Ah, nothing like family-of-origin S**t.

Praying you find some ways to give yourself little gifts of grace.

Mary Beth said...

to the beach.

there's nothing (that I know of) that some salt water won't cure.

praying on it too.

KnittinPreacher said...

Get thee to a house with a view of water. Soak up some sun and read trashy books. And tell more about surfing camp -- sounds so very cool!

Prayers and love to you.

Gracebythesea said...

Thank you all! I am so blessed to have you in my life! Can't get to 'da beach until next wednesday (because of wedding #2) but I will think of all you as I sink my toes in the sand and cast prayers for you all upon the mighty sea!

zorra said...

Think about how the ocean sounds...until a few days from now, when you can actually go there...and rest.

Praying that this will be a healing time for you.

Anonymous said...

surfing camp?! is this another BE? cause I would SO kill myself - I am so impressed that you're going!! Rest up chickie - prayers for you...

Magdalene6127 said...

SURFING CAMP? That is TOO cool.