Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you top this?

I hate to play the "can you top this?" game since I love you all and it's not really my style...but if you read Will Smamma's recent post about her episode at Wendy's...you'll love this.

Last Sunday, while i was preaching on Exodus (stressful enough for me), a parishioner's phone started ringing...loudly

I love this parishioner. She's a fairly new member with a great sense of humor and she doesn't take much seriously. She also LOVES to kid around. So I stopped in the middle of manna (while she was scrambling to find her phone in her enormous handbag) and said in a school marm voice "Oh [parishioner]... I think we'll have to fine you... Let's make {parishioner] put an extra five dollars in the plate." To which she sheepishly replied "Sorry" and left the sanctuary.

She returned 3 minutes later, grabbed her handbag and left.

Yes, I began to break out in a sweat, remembering she has an elderly mother.

After the sermon, during the deacon's reading of 'joys of and concerns' that I clumsily fold into the pastoral prayer, the deacon announces "Let's also pray for [parishoner and family] she had to leave to meet a town official at her home, because yesterday, she had had a house fire."

Hi, my name is dumb ass, have we met?


zorra said...

Oh geez.

In a similar situation, our pastor stopped in the middle of the sermon, smiled, and said, "If it's for me, tell them I'm busy."

Sue said...

Ouch. So sorry.

God_Guurrlll said...

oof, sorry that happened. Thinking of you.

Peace and love,

Songbird said...

oh, yuck!

Teri said...

oy. sorry. hope you and she are okay!

Anonymous said...

oh man - gotta hate that! sounds exactly like something i would do.