Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm back...but my computer isn't

Hi Friends,
Long time,no blog.

I dropped off my laptop the first day of my vacation to be sent to laptop hospital to be repaired so that there would be AMPLE time for it to be repaired, refreshed and renewed as I was doing the same beach-side.

No small irony that as my laptop got bounced around from dealer to manufacturer to box store, I too was bounced around from beach house to bungalow to the parent-inhabited-manse, having some fun and enjoying friends, but very little peace or rest.

I returned scattered and tired but glad for some structure and peace and quiet and laying my head in me' own bed.

Alas, my computer was kinda fixed but needs to be resent to manufacturer for additional repairs. I returned from vacation kinda relaxed but need to return to the now parent-free manse to regain some peace after 1 burial, 3 hospital admittances and 2 session members resigning within a week, from alas...burnout.

enough about me...what do you think if me? (Northeast Humor)

How's by you (all)?


spankey said...

Sorry to hear that your vaca found no rest even in the mountains of North Jersey. It was a pleasure meeting you in the midst of my own personal hell, upity insurance salesmen and $6 beers, but your presence made the evening, and my trip to dirty jersey, worth it.

Thanks again,

Songbird said...

It's hard to get a break, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

welcome back...missed you. all good here - my semester begins in 34 hours - but who's counting?

Mary Beth said...

Glad to read you. Sorry for the ickness.

hang in there!

Magdalene6127 said...

Well, you seem to be handling the "Yes, dear, you DO have to go back to work" thing better than I am. Sorry for the not fully restful summer. Maybe they should teach a seminary class in vacation?

Gracebythesea said...

Thanks angels for your always compassionate caring responses. Didn't mean to make my summer sound that sad-I did have fun in the midst of bouncing around and nothing's ever perfect, except your kindness and care.

St. Casserole said...

Hey! Where's fresh bloggage?

Rev Honey said...

Sending prayers and an influx of fresh leaders with hearts for God. Life's been rich for me too since assoc. departed. The first 4 weeks were hellish, but people have calmed down in time for pastoral care issues to soar. Wedding after wedding - 2 memorial services Saturday and another later this week...
You're not alone+